Need to add some color text your Email text on the iPad 3, but you don't know how to do it? The built-in mail app the comes with the iPad 3 actually doesn't support color text, so you can only have the black color text. To overcome this limitation, you can use Gmail and its Google Labs instead. The Google Labs has features that helps you format the text color. Here's how:

1. Go to your iPad Home screen.

2. Tap to select the Safari ipad 3 - safari_app_icon icon.

3. Now, open your Gmail box.

4. Select the Desktop view mode.

ipad 3 - mail_text_color_1

5. Next, locate the Gear icon.

6. Select the Labs option.

ipad 3 - mail_text_color_2

7. Now, tap on Default Text Styling lab to enable this feature.

ipad 3 - mail_text_color_4

8. Now, open a New Message Composing dialog and write your email content.

9. Select a text, and then choose the Text color.

ipad 3 - mail_text_color_3

10. You can now see your text color formatting changes.


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