This article will guide you step by step to a process of recording a video on your iPad 3.

1. First, go to Home screen and select Camera app.

2. At the bottom right part of the screen, you can see the video or photo mode, switch between these two functions depending on your needs. Now your camera is ready to record.

3. Next, you will have two options for the camera: one is the front-FaceTime Camera and the other is the rear, iSight Camera. To use, simply just click on a button beside the video icon and you can switch between these two cameras.

4. Tap on Record button to start recording.

5. Tap on Record again to stop recording.

At the lower left part of your screen you can see a thumbnail. This one is used for viewing the video you have just made. Tap on it to view the video. Your video is saved to the Camera Roll, and you can access it via the Photo App.

Note: while creating your clip, make sure to hold the iPad with the home button on the right in order to prevent any obstruction to your camera’s view.


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