After you have updated the iPad, iPhone or iPod to the new iOS 6, you may have noticed that the Groups feature in the contacts app is missing, or it no longer behave the way it once was. Prior to iOS 6, when you tap on a group name, that group will expand and shows the contact details in that group. The concept is easy to grasp and quite intuitive.

Now moving to the iOS 6, it can be very confusing to use groups, because when you tap on a group name, instead of drilling down the group content it just places a checkmark on the group. The idea is that you could select multiple groups, then tap on the blue Done button, and the content of that selected group(s) is displayed. A lot of Apple users are not happy with this extra step, but I think the added benefit is that now users can select to view contacts in multiple group.

If you are not happy with the way iOS 6 manage contacts, you could download a free third party app called Savi Contacts to handle your contacts app. This app allows you to manage your contact like a prior version of iOS 6. Here are some of the features of the Savi Contacts app.

• Dynamic communication tray
• Interactive group filters
• Favorites for quick access
• One-tap communication with unique defaults feature
• Group messaging done right
• Easy and innovative group management
• Include sub-groups and non-contacts
• Make phone calls (built-in dial pad included)
• Send emails, SMS and iMessage
• Make FaceTime calls
…and much more

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