You may have initially created an Apple ID to sign into the iTunes Store. When creating an iTunes account, it will ask for your credit card details so that you could purchase apps or music. However, some people has experience credit card fraud where there are unauthorize charges to their account and they ended up with thousand of dollars in debt.

If you worry about your credit card detail store on Apple ID account, here's how to remove it.


1. Open the iTunes software.

2. Click on Store or iTunes Store itunes-store.

3. Now Sign in with your Apple ID.

4. Now click on View My Account.

5. Click on Edit next to the Credit Card information.

6. From your account detail page, select None under Payment Type.


7. Click on Done.

Note: If you are unable to select the None option, try to put in another credit card details, then Save it. Shortly, the None option should appears.

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