Learn how you could get access to your iPhone 4 when you forget the password.

We have ways too many password these days, password for emails, online banking, Facebook, Youtube, electronic devices and so on and so on. If you have forgotten your iPhone 4 password, then what can you do to get access to your phone again? Well the only solution is you will have to restore your device. Keep in mind that when restoring the device you will lose data and downloaded apps that you have saved after the last sync backup.

Here's how to restore iPhone 4:

1. Grab the latest version of iTunes and install it on your computer.

2. Plug in the iPhone device into the PC using the cable.

3. Now when iTunes opened, select your device under the Devices section on the left hand panel.

4. Then select the Summary tab.

5. Next select Restore.

6. Now you will have the opportunity to create the latest backup. You can either choose Don't Back Up or Back Up. Choose Don't Back Up if you have recently make a backup.

7. Next select a restore option and click on the Restore button from the dialog.

8. iTunes will now try to do a restore and re-activate the phone. From the Set Up your iPhone screen, select a backup file from the Restore from the backup of drop down list. (Note: you could also set up a new phone by selecting Setup as new iPhone).

9. Next click on the Continue button to perform the restoration.


Alternateively you could also try this:

1. Grab the latest version of iTunes and install it on your computer.

2. If you iPhone is on. Switch it off. (Press Sleep/Wake key) for five seconds.

3. Slide the red bar to turn it off.

4. Now press and hold the Home key and plug in the iPhone 4 into the computer.

5. Continues to hold on the Home key and you will see the dock cable pointing to the iTunes icon.

6. Now let go of the Home key and open up iTunes application.

7. You should see a message "iTunes has detected an iPhone in recovery mode".

8. Click on OK.

9. Now click on Restore button.

You could also perform restore via Direct Firmware Upgrade.


If you are having a problem with forgotten password to the backup file, then you could try iPhone 4: Recover Lost Password of Backup File.

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