Learn how you can start to use the Internet Tethering by enabling or disabliing it on the iPhone.

The iPhone may allow you to browse the web or using the internet for other purposes. However the screen maybe too small, so you could tether the device to let the iPhone act as a internet modem device, then you could use your computer connect to the iPhone and use the internet from it via 3G network. Here's how:

1. Go back to the Home screen.

2. Tap on Settings.

3. Then pick General.

4. Next select Network.

5. Now switch Internet Tethering to have it On or Off as desire.


6. Now connect your iPhone device to the computer using USB cable.

7. Once your phone is connected, a message should appear and say "a new network interface has been detected" you can click on the Network Preferences... button to view your connection status.

8. Finally you can now start to surf the web via your computer or laptop.


Note: You can connect to the iPhone using a USB cable or Bluetooth.

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