Learn how you could remove an existing VPN setting which you no longer use on the iPhone 4.

If you have move your job or a network that you are connecting to has changed their configuration, then you could remove the old VPN setting and start a new one.

Here are the procedures to do so:

1. Go back to the Home screen.

2. Tap on Settings.

3. Then choose General.

4. Now pick Network.

5. Now tap on the blue right arrow next to the VPN setting.

6. Finally you can delete the VPN setting by tapping on the Delete VPN button.


Thats easy jyst dont worry.
Open setting
Go to general
Then scrol down and go to profile
There you see your VPN.
Open it and you see the option for removing.
Very helpful
1. go to general settings 2. scroll to bottom 3. click on profiles and click remove
Janelle - try to reset and restore your phone. Back sure you have backup the data though. [url=\"http://www.itjungles.com/iphone-tips/iphone-4-how-to-hard-reset-on-iphone\"]iPhone 4: How to Hard Reset on iPhone With Picture and Video[/url]
the instructions above did not work. There is not a delete VPN button. I even took my iPhone 4 to the local AT&T store and they couldn\'t delete the vpn. Now my phone isn\'t working at all. No calls, no texts....I\'m screwed!!
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