In this tutorial, we will show you how you could merge contacts on the iPhone 4 to iCloud.

Note: Make sure you have upgrade your iPhone to iOS 5.


1. Go to the Home screen > tap on Settings > select iCloud.

2. Now switch the Contacts to the Off position.

Note: iPhone will warn you that it would delete existing contacts on the device. If you already have a backup of the contacts on your PC or MAC then select YES, otherwise make a backup first. At a later stage we will need to sync it back to the iPhone 4 device.

When prompt "What would you like to do with the previously synced iCloud contacts on your iPhone?" you have the options to choose:

  • Keep on My iPhone
  • Delete from My iPhone
  • Cancel

Select Delete from My iPhone.

3. Next you will have to Sync your contacts with the computer. Connect the device to the computer (PC or MAC), open up the iTunes software and start to sync process. If you don't know how to perform iTunes Syncing then follow this: iPhone 4: How to Set Up iTunes Syncing.

4. After the sync process, you will need to switch the Contacts back on in iCloud. Settings > iCloud > Contacts > On.

5. iPhone then will prompt with the message "The contacts you previously synced with your Mac will be merged with iCloud.", you can either select Merge or Cancel. In this case select Merge.


Note: Once you are done, open up iTunes and you will notice that the Sync Address Book Contacts option is disabled.

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