Learn how you could restore a lost password of the iPhone backup file.

When you make a backup of iPhone 4, you could either put a password on it or leave it unprotected. If you have make a password for the backup file and now you forget what it is then here is how you can try to get it back.

When you set your password you would need to do the following for you to get back the password:

a) You are using a Mac.
b) You have set a password for the backup file.
c) You have selected the checkbox "Remember this password in my keychain".

1. Opened Applications.

2. Then select Utilities.

3. Select Keychain Access.app.

4. Put in the keyword "iPhone Backup" in the search dialog box. Then proceed with the search.

5. Once the search come back with the search result, open the latest entry for "iPhone Backup".

6. Now click on Show Password at the bottom of the dialogue box.

7. Put in the admin password for the computer.

If you are not a MAC users then you could try to download a free trial version of Elcomsoft iPhone Password Breaker. This software allows you to create dictionary list with all possible passwords and combinations and words, then using the dictionary list it will try to find the password. Once the password is found, the free trial version will show you only the first two characters of the password. You will have to buy a full version to reveal the rest. However this may be enough for you to guess what your oringal password were.


Now you can see the password for your backup file on iPhone 4.

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