You can perform a hard reset on your iPhone 5 if it is not working correctly and it is becoming unresponsive to your command? You may try to power it on or off but it just not responding at all. Often you would not want to reset the device because it cause you to loose all your previous setting.

You can reset iPhone 5 by doing a soft reset or a hard reset. Here's how:

Soft Reset Your Device

1. While holding the iPhone 5 press and hold on the Sleep/Wake and the Home button at the same time for about 10 seconds for the device to reset. Shortly you will see an Apple logo appears on the screen.


2. Give your device a try and see if you are still getting any issue.

Remember to backup your data and other settings before you perform the reset just in case if something goes wrong you could always restore those data.

Depending on the issue you are having you could also try to restart an iPhone or force an application to quit.

Restart your iPhone 5

When your phone is stucked or perform slowly, you could try to restart it to clear all the application cache and it may solve any issue you may currently have.

1. Press and hold on the On/Off or Sleep/Wake button until you see the slider appears.

2. Slide your finger across the slide to Power off your iPhone.

3. Now turn your phone back on by pressing the On/Off or Sleep/Wake button until the Apple logo shows up on the screen.

Foce Quit an Application

Some buggy apps could grind your phone to a halt. In this case you will have to quit that app. Here's how:

1. Press and hold on the On/Off or Sleep/Wake button until you a red slider shows on the screen. 

2. Then press and hold on the Home button until you see the application quits.

Hard Reset Back to Factory Settings

When you need to sell your device or you want to pass it on to another family member, you got to make sure that your iMessages stop sending messages to that iPhone.

1. Go to Settings.

2. Select Messages.

3. Ensure iMessage is switch OFF.

The next part is to completely wipe out your phone:

1. Go to Settings.

2. Select General.

3. Choose Reset.

4. Select Erase All Content and Settings.

Once the erasion is complete, you can safely sell your device to a stranger without worring someone may go through your messages and see your personal information.


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