You would want to lock your Xoom SIM card in order to protect your Xoom from any unwanted access, especially if it is lost or stolen.

Ensure a SIM card is inserted, and follow these tip below to enable this function:

1. Hit Xoom’s Home xoom_navi_home button.

2. Locate the Apps icon xoom_app on your Homescreen and tap on it.

3. Next, select Settings xoom_setting.

4. Then tap on Location & security option.


5. Next choose Set up SIM card lock.

7. Now, put a checkmark on Lock SIM Card.


8. Provide the correct SIM PIN (4-8 digits).


The default PIN code is 1111.

9. Next, select OK.

10. You will need to verify your PIN again and tap OK to end the process.


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