During travelling or even in daily use, it’s highly recommended that you lock your Motorola Xoom 2.

You can protect your personal data and privacy, when the device got stolen and it is locked. When someone got hold of your tablet, without a password or a PIN, they will not be able to gain access to it.

Here’s how to set up PIN lock on Xoom:

1. Tap the Home buttonxoom_navi_home.

2. Locate the Apps icon xoom_app on your Homescreen and tap on it.

3. Next, select Settings xoom_setting.

4. Then tap on Location & security option.

5. Next, select Configure lock screen section.

6. Here, you will see the PIN pane, tap on it.

7. Enter a numeric PIN and tap on Continue.

8. Verify the password again and tap on Continue.

9. Your Xoom screen is now PIN protected.


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