Instead of opening your Browser and entering in the address bar, did you know that your Xoom has a Google search bar on your current Home screen? Just follow these steps below to perform a Google Search on Xoom without the need to launch the web Browser:

1. Tap on the Google search icon on the top left corner of the screen.


2. You will see your Onscreen Keyboard appears.

3. Use the Onscreen Keyboard to enter your search info.

4. Once you are done typing, hit Enter.

You can even choose one of the auto-sussgested items from the Google search bar.

5. In case you enter the wrong text in the search bar, tap on the X to delete those contents.

6. Once the seach is completed, Xoom will display the search result in a browser window.

7. Tap on one of the links, to go to that website.

8. To close the current view window, tap on X button.

9. To get back to the previous web page, or the previous Google search bar, tap the Backxoom_navi_back button.


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