Learn how you can buy music from Amazon on the Motorola Xoom 2.

There are many ways to buy music online, but the general process is to use a web browser, search for your favorite songs, provide the credit card detail, then download the songs, and it will be putting into the Xoom's Music folder for you to play.

Although there are different ways to purchase music, in this tutorial we will show you how to buy and download music from Amazon.com.

1. First open your Browser, and go to www.amazon.com.

2. In the Search drop-down menu, tap the small triangle to view the list of categories.

3. Notice the MP3 Downloads option, touch it.

4. To the right of the Categories search box, type in the song, album, or artist name you wish to find in the search box.

5. Hit the Go button.

6. A login dialog will appears. Provide the correct username and password to sign in.

You can set the web browser to remember your account and password to avoid re-entering them next time.

7. Choose an album cover to view a list of songs from that album.

8. To find a song in that album, scroll down the song list.

9. When you find your favorite song, select Buy MP3 button to buy that song.

10. You will now see a dialog shows your song and its price.

11. Select the Continue button to buy it.

12. Next, tap Save to This Computer button.

Remember not to check Always Do This checkbox, because in the future, you may not want to save the song to a computer but to somewhere else.

13. Another dialog will appears prompting you to install Amazon MP3downloader. Select Skip Installation and continue link at the bottom of the dialog.

14. Hit the Download Song button.

15. Next, choose the Download Alert icon.

16. Notice there’s a progress bar appears at the bottom of Xoom‘s screen to let you know of the download progress. When the download is completed. You can go ahead and play the song.


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