A Wi-Fi hotspot is a term used to describe a place/access point that offers you Internet access. When going to any public places like cafes, airports or hotels they often provides a Wi-Fi hotspot so that you browse the web to check email or have a chat.

Setting your Xoom as a Wi-Fi hotspot, allows your other devices to use the internet connection via your phone 3G network. This is useful if you want to use a notebook to surf the web.

Here’s how:

First, you will need to disable your Wi-Fi by doing these followings:

1. Tap on Apps icon xoom_app.

2. Choose Settings xoom_setting.

3. Next, select Wireless & networks.

4. Power off your Wi-Fi.

Second, enable your Wi-Fi Hotspot by doing these steps:

1. Touch the Apps icon xoom_app again.

2. Also choose Settings xoom_setting option.

3. Re-tap the Wireless & networks section.

4. This time, select the Tethering & portable hotspot pane.

5. Next, touch on Wi-Fi hotspot.

6. Now you will have to configure your hotspot security.

- Tap on Portable Wi-Fi hotspot settings.

- Choose Network SSID.

- Provide a hotspot name as Network SSID.

- Tap on the Next button.

- Here you will see two security options:

A. Open: this means other users can always access your Wi-Fi hotspot.

B. WPA2 PSK: To protect your Xoom from any un-wanted access, it's strongly recommended to select this option because if someone wants to access your Wi-Fi hotspot, then they will need to provide a correct password to enter. Once choosing this option, just create a unique password for your own using and you can assured that your Wi-Fi hotspot is put under safe protection.

7. Finally, hit the Save button to complete your setup.


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