Your Xoom 2 lets you transfer all Calendar and Contacts details from your existing Google Gmail account and use them for further access to apps or Google services on Xoom. At the same time, you can also sync all the contacts or calendar events on your Xoom to your Google Gmail account and use them on your own PC.

It’s very easy. Just do these following:

1. Hit the Home xoom_navi_homebutton.

2. Next, choose the Apps icon xoom_app located on the top right of the screen.

3. Then select Settings xoom_setting.

4. Next, tap to select Accounts & sync.

5. Then enter your Gmail address from the Accounts & sync window.

6. Next, enable these functions by selecting the following items:

- Sync Calendar.

- Sync Contacts.

- Sync Gmail.

Now, your Motorola Xoom 2 tablet's calendar and contacts will synchronize with your Google Gmail account.


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