Google Talk allows you to make a webcam call or launch an Instant Messaging session. All you need to do is to find the Google Talk app on your Xoom, log in with your Google account and start sending your messages.

In case you don’t have it already, you can download it free from the Android Market.

1. Tap on Apps icon xoom_app.

2. Find the Talk app xoom_google_talk_ico and select it.

3. You will see the Talk automatically displays Google accounts stored on your Xoom.

4. Now, hit on the Sign In button.

In case you only have one Google user account stored on Xoom from the start, Talk might automatically log you in.

5. To the left screen, you will see a list of your contacts.

- If someone is available, you will see a green icon to the right of the name.

- If that person is away, you will see an orange icon.

- If that person is busy, you will see a red icon.

- In case that person signed out, you will see a gray icon with an X.

- There are also some shape icons for each color.

A. If you see a video camera, this means the user has webcam capability.

B. For a microphone, it’s enabled voice chat.

C. You will see a solid dot which means Text chat (also called Instant Messaging).

6. To the right of the contact list, you can see your status displayed here. Enter your mood or statement in the Personal status box.

7. You can choose a preset status, names as Available, Busy, Invisible, and Sign Out.

8. You may see the Allow video and voice chat checkbox. If you want text-chat only, simply untick on that checkbox.

9. To choose an available used status, select Recent Status drop-down list.

10. You can ask your friend to chat by tapping on the Invite button.

11. Just provide your friend’s emails, and then tap on Send Invitation.

An email is automatically sent to your friend with a link included that asks them to join Google talk or download the Talk app (if it’s not already installed on their computer, Xoom, or another device).

Notes: only Google users can use video chat, for other invited friends who don’t have a Gmail address or Google account, chat is only limited to text.


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