Learn how you could record videos on Nokia Lumia 800.

Your phone come equip with a video camera, you can activate it and start recording whenever you want to capture an action. Here's how:

1. On your phone, press the Start nokia_lumia_start key to go to the start screen.

2. Select the right arrow nokia_lumiaarrow.

3. Next tap Camera.

4. By default, the image mode is switched on. To switch to video mode, select nokia_lumiavideo.

5. Next focus the lens on the subject you wish to record the video.

6. Now you can use the Volume key to zoom in or out. To zoom in use the Volume up key. To zoom out use the Volume down key. Alternatively you could also pinch your finger on the screen and spread them apart to perform the zoom in/out action

7. Finally tap on the camera icon at the bottom of the screen to start taken the recording

8. When you want to stop the recording simply tap on the camera icon again


The video is automatically saved to your Camera Roll in the Pictures hub. Swipe right the screen to view the video.

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