While installing a software update on your Nokia Lumia 900, you may encounter some of the error codes, and it may cause great confusion for those who use the Lumia 900 for the first time. Here’s a narrative list of most common errors you usually face up with, if you have an error code listed below, read the explanation of the error code, and see if you can fix the problem.

- 801812C1: If you see this code, this means a driver for your Lumia 900 needs to be updated.

- C1010007 and 800704C7: These two codes indicate Zune software doesn't recognize your phone, or the update process was cancelled or stop in the middle.

- 801811A5: Your computer can't connect to Windows Phone Update.

- 80181197: If you see this code, this means there’s not enough space on your hard disk.

The problem is the same with these codes: 80181198, 801881CD, 8018000E, 80180033, which show there’s not enough free space left.

- 801811A3: This error shows there’s a problem with the Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS).

- 800705B4: Your phone is time out, and the Lumia 900 failed to update.

- 80180048: With this error code, your phone will not be updated to the highest version of the software.

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