Adding a webpage to favorites let you switch back to that page later just in a flash. Let’s say you are reading a fanfic on a website, then you may need to get back to that page everyday for the latest update, now adding that page to your favorite would allow you to quickly access that site later on.

This article below will help you with step-by-step guide to add a webpage to favorites on Lumia 900:

1. First, press the Start no_l_9_window_key key to return to your Lumia 900’s Start screen.

2. Then, hit the arrow button.


3. Now, scroll down the list and tap on Internet Explorer.


4. You can use the search bar to get to your favorite page, or simply type in the URL of that page in the search field.

5. Next, hit the no_l_9__button button.

6. On the drop down list, tap to choose add to favorites option.


7. Then tap on the save button to confirm your setup.


8. Now, everytime you want to access that favorite page, simply find it in your favorite list, and with a single tap, that webpage is displayed right on your hand.



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