Find out how the use the Nokia Lumia 900 to allow Internet Explorer to Access Your Location

By enabling location services it can become very useful to help you get a correct location of where you are. This means you can get more precise information while using apps like Weather or Maps.

So in case you would like to find a local movie cinema, search for weather, or find a direction to the nearest restaurant, you should set your Lumia 900 to allow Internet Explorer to access your location. Here’s how:

1. First, hit the Start no_l_9_window_keykey to get back to your Nokia Lumia 900’s Start screen.

2. Then, touch the arrow key.


3.  Now, scroll down the list and select Internet Explorer.


4. Here, tap the no_l_9__button button.

5. Next, select settings.

- You can also access Internet Explorer's settings via settings option on the App list.

6. Finally, slide the allow access to my location option to ON mode.




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