Once you log into a websites by providing a password, this information will be saved in some small files called cookies. With a cookie file, you can avoid re-typing your username, password and other information when you visit that website again. However, everything has its own drawback, if you save too many cookies on your Lumia 900, your device can quickly run out of storage space, and resulting in a poor performanced device.

Therefore, you can choose to permit or block cookies from being saved on your Lumia 900 by doing these steps below:

1. To start off, hit the Start no_l_9_window_key icon to return to your Nokia Lumia 900’s Start screen.

2. Next, tap on the arrow key.


3.  Here, scroll down the list and choose Internet Explorer.


4. Now, touch on the no_l_9__button button.

5. Then, select settings.

- You can also access Internet Explorer's settings via settings option on the App list.

6. Now, slide the allow access to my location option to ON mode.


7. On the menu list appears, place a tick on Allow cookies on my phone check box to permit or block cookies from being saved on your phone.



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