eMailing a cool photo on your new Lumia 900 is a great way to share your great shots with your friends and family members. Whether you use the camera on your phone to take the shot, or you use an image downloaded from Internet, you can send a photo to your favorite recipients directly from your Mail app.

This article will provide the basic steps of sending pictures in an eMail:

1. On the Lumia 900’s Start screen, tap on the mail tile.


2. Next, tap on the add no_l_9_add_key button to create a message.

3. Then hit the add no_l_9_add_key button to add a recipient from the People hub.

4.  Now, provide a subject for your email in the Subject: field.

5.  Then, write down the content of your mail.

6. Next, hit on the attach no_l_9_attach_button button.

7. Then select the album that has the picture you want to add into the mail.


- You can even take the picture directly from the camera.

9.  Choose a desired picture you wish to attach to the email.


10. Finally, tap on the send button no_l_9_mail_send_button to send your email.

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