Your IMEI number on Nokia Lumia 900 can become much handy sometimes. For example: when you have any technical problem with your phone, then when you go to the support department to get it fixed, they will ask for an IMEI number first to ensure your phone is validated.

Another example to show when you need to use the IMEI number is when you need to unlock your phone. When you first purchase your device, it may be locked to a service provider like at&t. However if you want to unlock it, you are required to provide an IMEI.

Without unlocking your device, you may get the follow message: “Enter Subsidy Code”, “Enter Unlock Code“, “Insert Correct SIM Card”, or “Phone Restricted”.

You can find your IMEI number using one of these two ways listed below:

Option 1:

1. On your Start screen, press on the arrow button.


2. Next, choose Settings.


3. Select about.


4. Finally, hit More info.


5. You will see your IMEI number placed near end of the list.

Option 2: this way is much easier:

Just dial *#06# to view your IMEI.

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