Zune is software that you can install on a PC to sync music files, video clips, and images between your PC and the Nokia Lumia 900.  Zune can also be used when you want to install the latest software update for your apps. Usually, when you first connect the Lumia 900 to the computer, you will receive a message asking you to install the Zune software. If you do not see the prompt, just follow these steps to know how you could install Zune on your new Lumia 900:

1. First, open your Browser on your PC.

2. Then head to www.zune.net.

3. Next, click Get the Zune software.

4. Then hit on Download now button.

5. Here, you have to follow the on-screen instructions to download and install the Zune software on your PC.

6. Once you finished installing Zune, it’s time to connect your Lumia 900 to the PC.

7. Here, ensure that Zune is open on your computer so that you can view the START screen.

Note: When you first use the Zune software, it may take a while to configure and launch the software.

8. Now, follow the on-screen instructions to complete the Zune setup.

Note: There’s no need to connect your phone to the computer in order to install Zune.

Zune does not work on any Mac OS. So in case you own a Mac, use Windows Phone 7 Connector for Mac to transfer multimedia files between Lumia 900 and the Mac.


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