Learn how to pin a map location on the start screen of the Nokia Lumia 900.

Pinning a map location on the start screen can help you quickly open up that location in the Maps app. This is especially useful if you re-visited that same location many times. Once you have pinned the location, you could also share it with your friend.


Here's how:

1. To start off, hit the Start no_l_9_window_key icon to return to your Nokia Lumia 900’s Start screen.

2. Next, tap on the arrow key to the view the App list.


3. Then tap to choose the Maps app.


4. Now, try one of the following:

Option 1:

- First, provide the location you want to find in the text field.


- Then, touch on the flag that identifies the location.

- Finally, hit the Pin no_l_9_pin_button button.

Option 2:

- While the Maps is opening, hit the More no_l_9__button button.

- Then choose Favorite places.


- Now, select a place you have saved to your favorites before.

- Finally, touch on the Pin no_l_9_pin_button button.

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