While tumbling on some cool pages over the Internet, such as web pages with thousands of free apps to download, or sites that feature HD films or images, you may wish to share those pages with your friends via your Nokia Lumia 900.

Whether you’d like to share it via your email, SMS message or even a social network pages like Facebook or Twitter, just do these followings to know how:

1. First, hit the Start no_l_9_window_key key to go back to your Lumia 900’s Start screen.

2. Next, press the arrow button to go to the next page.


3. Then scroll down the list and tap on Internet Explorer.


4. Next, head to the page you would like to share with your friends.

5. While you are on that page, tap the no_l_9__button button.

6. Here, select share page option.


7. Finally, choose how you want to share that page by selecting your choice among email, texting, or a social network.


Note: Your Lumia 900 must be connected to the internet for sharing those pages.

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