When you have a new Nokia Lumia 920, you would want to migrate all the data from the old phone over to the new Window phone. With the new phone you could use Microsoft account like hotmail, xbox, outlook, etc. In this tutorial we are going to show you how to import and synchronize calendar and contacts on your device.

1. Go to Microsoft email account and sign in with your account username & password.

2. Click on the arrow as shown on the above image. You will get a drop down selection. Click on People.

3. People page contains all your Windows Phone contacts. Click on Manage menu and select Export to backup all your contacts to a CSV file. CSV file will be downloaded to your computer.

4. You can use this CSV file to transfer contacts to new Windows Phone 8 with another Microsoft account, transfer contacts to android phone via Google/Gmail account etc.

If you prefer to have all your Windows Phone 8 contacts sent in email in a text format, you can download Contacts Backup app from Windows Phone Store.

It is simple, I hope this information is helpful for you!

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