Loud ringtone sound may help you get more attention from your phone call because you can easily miss it when you are in a noisy environment. With the setting of Nokia Lumia 920, you can easily turn the sound up or down for calls or music. Also you could quickly silence your phone.

In Settings, you can choose whether the volume buttons can set your phone to vibrate or to be totally silent.

Here’s the instruction:

1. Press up or down on the Volume buttons beside your phone.

2. Adjust the volume to louder of softer ringtone.

If you want to set the Lumia 920 to Silent mode, you can press on any volume buttons to have the volume control bar appear. On the volume control bar at the top of the screen, press Ring icon to change to Silent mode.

You can also select other mode such as Ring with Vibrate, Silent with Vibrate, etc.

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