With metro style design of window phone 8, you can optimize your own screen. You can do things like pin up your favorite apps, create URL shortcut and move or resize tiles as you like. The start screen consists of a number of tiles, some of which (and increasingly, most of them) are live tiles. Each application that has a live tile often allows customization of its behavior and the looks & feels as well.

1. From the start screen, swipe left to go to the apps menu and choose the apps that you want to pin.

2. Press and hold this app, and then press pin to Start.

Pin a contact: Press People buttons, choose the contact you’d like to pin to Start, tap and hold the contact until you can tap pin to start. With the contact appear at your start screen, you can call them directly with one tap.

Pin a website: Go to the website via browser, press the More icon, and then tap Pin to start.

How to move a tile? Press and hold the tile on start screen, and slide it to the new location that you want, and then tap the screen.

Resize a tile: press and hold the tile until the arrow icon appear, and tap this icon.

Unpin a tile: tap and hold the tile until the unpin icon appear, and then tap on the unpin icon to unpin the tile.

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