Learn how to perform a hard reset of the NOKIA X7.

When you do hard reset your phone, it permanently deletes all your personal data and customized settings,
and it also erases any programs you have installed. Before doing so, it is recommended that you back up the content to a memory card or to a compatible computer.

When you are certain that you want to do this, do the following actions:

1. Press Menu key.

2. Then tap on Settings and Phone.

3. Choose Phone management.

4. Then select Factory settings.

5. Finally tap on Delete data and restore.

Your phone will turns off momentarily and then back on again. Carefully check that your personal data such as contacts, video, photos, music, messages, emails, notes and other installed applications have been removed.


Now your phone has return to its original state as when you first purchase it.

Note: all content and information stored on the memory card and SIM card is not removed.

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