When moving from Microsoft Office 2007 to Office 2010, one of the first thing you will undoubtedly noticed is the line spacing. By default the line are more space out and feels like it has a multiple line spacing.


Some people find this default setting is making the text to space out. Here's how to change it:

Method 1

1. Select all the text you want to change, the right click. Click on Paragraph....

2. Then under Spacing, change Line spacing: to Single.

3. Also change the value After: from 10pt to 0pt.

4. Now click on OK button.


Method 2

1. Select all the text.

2. From the ribbon menu, select the Home tab.

3. Then under Styles section, select the No Spacing style. It is the second one from the left.



Method 3 - Choose Office 2003 Style

If you like you could make a style like the one in Office 2003.

1. Select Home tab.

2. Then under Styles, click on Change Styles > Style Set > Word 2003.


Once Word 2003 is selected you should see the whole document line paragraph goes to a single line.

Making Single Line Space the Default

If you want to a Single Line Space a default so that everytime you start a new document, it always begin with a single line then do this:

1. Click on Home tab.

2. Select all your text and choose No Spacing style.

3. Click on Change Styles > Set as default.


The next time you create a new Word document, you see it start with a single paragraph.

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