With the Contacts app on your new Samsung Galaxy Ace, you can add a person's photo to the contact details, so that everytime that person calls you, you will see a picture of them shown up on screen.

You can use a photo from one of the several sources such as one from a photo Gallery, an image from a Webpage, e-mail attachment, photo from a digital camera, or an image imported from a computer.

Do these followings to assign a picture to a contact on your Galaxy Ace:

1. First, return to your Idle screen by hitting the Home key.

ss_ace_home button

2. Next, tap on the contacts icon.


3. Then choose a contact you would like to assign a picture to.


4. Next, press the Menu key.


5. Tap on Edit option.


6. Next, tap on the picture icon.


7. Here, choose the source of the picture. You can select it from an Album or to take a new photo.


- To use a picture from an Album:

a. Tap on the Album option.

b. Head to the folder that contains the picture you want to assign.

c. Tap on the desired picture.

d. You can drag the frame to re-position the picture as you want.

e. Once you are happy with the change, press Save to assign it.

- To take a new picture, do these followings:

a. Tap on Take photo.

b. Next, point your phone’s camera lens at the object that you would like to take the picture.

c. Tap on the Save button when you think it’s OK.

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