If you would like to enjoy your favorite songs over a Bluetooth stereo headset, or you want to dial your friends via a compatible Bluetooth car kit, Samsung Galaxy Ace can help you to deal with this by just doing a few simple things.

Before making any connection, remember to set up your Samsung Galaxy Ace to detect your headset or car kit first. Refer to your headset manual to check how you can enable this function.

Now, take a look at these instructions below to see how you can connect your device to a Bluetooth headset or a car kit:

1. First, press the Menu key on your Galaxy Ace’s Idle screen.


2. Next, choose Settings option.


3. Then, tap on Wireless & networks.


4. Now, select Bluetooth settings.

5. Enable Bluetooth function by checking on the Bluetooth checkbox.


6. Remember to make the headset discoverable first.

7. Touch Scan for devices.

You will see your Samsung Galaxy Ace begin to browse for available Bluetooth devices within range.

8. Once finding your headset name on the menu list, hit on that name.

9. Your Samsung Galaxy Ace will automatically make an attempt to pair with the headset.

10. If you see a failed pairing, you will need to provide the Passcode supplied from your headset.

11. Once finish, depending on your headset or car kit types you have connected, you can now start using them.


- During pairing, you will see the pairing and connection status is shown under the hands-free headset or car kit name in the Bluetooth devices pane.

­- Once the two device is conneted, you will see the Bluetooth connected icon appears in the status bar.

- Some headsets or hands-free car kits may have a fixed Bluetooth PIN, such as 0000.

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