Would you like to change your current default message tone into the latest Billboard song, or a cool piece of music you have just created from your Mixer apps? Follow these instructions to select a cool message tone for your new Samsung Galaxy Ace.

1. First, tap the Messages icon on your Home screen.


2. Then, press the Menu key.


3. Next, select Settings.


4. Here, tap Notifications pane below Notification settings to enable this function.


- You should see the checkbox next to the menu item ticked to indicate the active mode.

5. Then, tap on Select ringtone option.


6. Here, just tap on different message tones to listen to them.

7. When you are happy with one of those message tones, tap OK to apply it.

8. Enjoy your new Message tone everytime you receive a text or even a picture message from you friend or family members.

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