You can install a memory card to expand your phone's memory for more storage space. With the extra space, you could save more of your favorite multimedia files, or any apps on your Samsung Galaxy Ace. The Galaxy Ace only accepts the microSD or microSDHC cards with a maximum capacities of 32 GB. Using an incompatible storage card can damage your phone, and can corrupt data stored on the card, so you’d better check it carefully before inserting any card on your phone.

Here’s how to insert it:

1. First, open the Galaxy Ace memory card slot on the right side of the phone.


2. Next, insert a memory card with the gold contacts facing downwards.

3. Gently push the memory card into the storage slot until it fits nicely.

4. Finally, close the cover of your memory card slot.


- Galaxy Ace is only compatible with the FAT file structure for memory cards. In case you install a different card format, you will be prompted to reformat your memory card.

- If you write and erase data on your memory card many times, your memory card’s lifespan will be shortened.

- After having a memory card inserted into the Galaxy Ace, the file directory of the memory card will be displayed in the sdcard folder.

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