PIN code is the secret digits used to activate your Samsung Galaxy Ace, or allow you to access your device’s data once you have locked it. A PIN code can be made up of 4 digits, and it can come with a default PIN when you acquire a phone number. You can use the same pin on different phones or any device you want to. Try to remember your PIN code or save it in a safe place, because if you lose it, your phone will become inaccessible.

Now, follow these instructions to set up a unique PIN code for your Samsung Galaxy Ace:

1. First, touch the Menu button on your Idle screen to open the application list.


2. Next, select Settings.


3. Then pick Location and security menu.


4. Hit the Set screen lock option.


5. Select the PIN menu item.


6. Here, provide a numeric value PIN you want to use.


7. Then tap the Continue button.

- If you put in the wrong pin, you could retry again.

8. Next verify your PIN again.

9. Once finishing, hit the OK button.

Now, leave your phone untouched for a while, once it is locked, you could test your newly created PIN.

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