Did you know that disable the Bluetooth function on your new Galaxy Ace can help you avoid heaps of battery consumption? And sometimes in the area that has no Wi-Fi connection, could use the Bluetooth feature to pair your smartphone with other devices to share files. You will first have to enable it though.

To turn on or off your Bluetooth feature, simply do these followings:

1. Go back to your Galaxy Ace’s Idle screen by tapping on the Home button.

ss_ace_home button

2. Next, tap the Menu button.


3. Select Settings.


4. Now, choose Wireless & networks.


5. And, touch Bluetooth Settings pane.

6. You can enable or disable the Bluetooth option simply by tick or untick the Bluetooth check box.



You can also turn on/off Bluetooth by using the Bluetooth widget on the Samsung Galaxy Ace’s Home screen.

You may also need to disable your Bluetooth feature in places that does not allow the use of a wireless device, like during a flight or in a hospital.

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