Once you have purchased your new Samsung Galaxy Ace and take it home, after you have inserted your old SIM card into the phone, and perform a startup, you see nothing happened on the screen. So what happened to your phone? Check these followings to know why your Samsung Galaxy Ace doesn’t start:

1. First, check the SIM brand to see whether it’s compatible with your phone service provider.

2. Second, check again to see if you have already inserted your SIM card correctly. If not, you should turn off your phone, gently take it out and reinsert it again, then restart your Galaxy Ace to see if it works right.

3. Third, if you use your old SIM card, it might be damaged or rusted. Contact your SIM card provider to get a new one.

4. Fourth, there’s a possibility that your SIM card hasn’t been activated yet. So, call up your service provider to activate the SIM card for you.

5. Finally, if you still have trouble, then contact the service provider to check your problem.

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