Learn how to get access to your Samsung Galaxy Note 2 when you forgot the screen password or pattern lock.

It is quite common that after changing the password then you have forgot what it is because you might have mixed it with your bank card PIN or email password. Here's how to regain access to your phone.

You will need to hard reset your device in order to use it again. However, this action will cause you to loose all your data on the phone, so make sure you have back them up first.

1. Long press on the POWER key for 10 seconds or more until the phone is turned off.

2. Press and hold down VOLUME UP + HOME + POWER buttons at the same time.

3. Release all the buttons when the Samsung logo appears.

4. From the Android system recovery menu, select Wipe data/factory reset. Use the VOLUME key to move to the next menu item.

4. Press and release the POWER button to select.

5. Confirm your action by select Yes – delete all user data.

6. Now select reboot system now.

Once the phone has been reset. You can start to use it as per normal. If you have a backup file of your phone, you could perform a restore to get all the contacts back.

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