After you have finished some basic steps to setup your Samsung Galaxy Note 2, you will need to setup the email on the phone. An email lets you review and create email using various email services, such as Yahoo, Hotmail, etc.

Note: You can also receive text message alerts when you have an important email.

Now do the following instructions to learn how you could create an email account on Samsung Galaxy Note 2:

1. First, return to Note 2’s Home screens by hitting on the Home key.

2. Then hit the Apps icon.

3. On the list of Apps available, tap on Email app.

4. Now you will see an Email setup screen displayed.

5. Here, enter the email address you want to use in the Email address field.

6. Then type the password in the Password field.

Note: If you want to see your password as it is being typed, tick on Show password checkbox.

7. Then hit Next.

8. Choose any of the options you want in the Account options screen.

9. Continue to hit Next.

10. Then type a name for this email account (optional).

11. Hit Done once you have finished all the setup.

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