Because your browser can keep track of all places you have visited on the Internet, so if some of your curious friends tries to rummage your Galaxy Note 2 Internet history, your privacy can be breached.

If you want to make sure that nobody is snooping on your phone and see where you've been on the Internet, then protect your privacy by deleting your History in the web browser app.

Here’s how to do this:

1. First, return to Note 2’s Home screen by hitting the Home key.

2. Press the Apps icon to see the application list.

3. Next, choose Internet

4. Press the Menu key.

5. Select the Settings pane.

6. Next hit Privacy and security option.

7. Then touch the Clear history.

8. Tap OK and your history will be cleared. 

Now, you can feel relieved as no one will be able to view your browsing history.

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