Simple procedure to display the battery percentage icon on the notification panel of the Samsung Galaxy S3.

Have you ever seen your Samsung Galaxy Note 2 automatically shut down after some warning tone with a message of “Low Battery”? This is because you have performed several hardware functions on the phone at the same time like using Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, or LCD brightness setting. Those functions can quickly consume heaps of your phone battery. So by displaying a battery status indicator on the screen, it can help you better manage your phone. When the battery level is around at 10% low, you need to recharge it, otherwise it will soon shuts down.

Here's how to turn the battery percentage information on:

1. First, tap Note 2’s Menu key. 

- If you are operating some apps, go back to your Home screen and tap the Menu button.

2. Then select Settings

3. Next, tap on the Display pane. 

4. Scroll down the list to see the Display battery percentage option.

5. Now, tick a mark on the checkbox next to it.

6. You will now see the battery percentage icon shows up on the phone's Status bar.

Notes: By default, the on-screen battery charge has been displayed as a colored battery icon, but if you view it in the percentage value, it’s much easier to manage your battery in case there’s no charging facilities nearby.

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