Being the owner of a new Samsung Galaxy Note 2, obviously you will want to know how you could transfer your music from a Windows PC to your new device, and be able to have some relaxing moment listening to nice music. If you haven’t known how to perform this action, try our step-by-step guideline below to learn how:

In order to transfer music from your PC to Galaxy Note 2, you must install Kies for PC software on your computer. If you haven’t got it, visit the Kies website to download and install it.

Next, do as following:

1. Launch the Samsung Kies software on your PC.

2. Then plug Galaxy Note 2 to your PC using the supplied USB cable that first come in the box.

3. You will then see Galaxy Note 2 connect automatically and show in the left panel of Kies.

- If you cannot connect, you will need to change the USB settings as Media device (MTP) connection mode. See Samsung Galaxy Note 2: How to change the USB Connection as a Media Device Mode

4. Head to Library section.

5. Select Music.


6. Next, tick on the music files you want to transfer to Galaxy Note 2.


7. Then tap Transfer to device button.

- If you have external memory card installed, Kies will ask you to select Internal memory or External memory.


8. After you have chosen where to save the files, the selected music files will then be transfer to Galaxy Note 2.

9. Next, unplug your Galaxy Note 2.

10. Then open the Music Player on your device to start the playback.

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