Learn how you could create a music playlist on the Samsung Galaxy S II.

Music playlist a allow you to queue up all the songs you wish to play on your device. You could also save the playlist so that you can play the same songs without having to choose them again. Here's how:

1. Press on the Home key.

2. Then open the application list.

3. Now select Music.

4. Next select Playlists.

5. Then press on the Menu android-menu-key key.

6. Select Create.

7. Now in the text field put in the name you wish your playlist to be called and tap on Save.

8. Next you need to add audio files to the play list, so select Add music.

9. Select any of the desire file you wish to listen to and select Add.

You playlist now has been created.


Note: when you are playing a song that is not already in the playlist and you would like to add it to the playlist then all you have to do is simply press on the MenuĀ android-menu-key key and select Add to playlist.

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