Learn how you could enable FM radio on your Samsung Galaxy S II.

Your device is equip with a radio tuner which you could use it to tune into a FM radio station. Here's how to enable it:

Note: to listen to the radio you will need a headset.

1. Connect the headset to the Galaxy S 2.

2. Now go back to the Home screen and open the application list.

3. Next select FM radio.

4. Now tap on the round Power button located on the top left corner of the phone.

5. Now your radio is activated, and you can use the roud button tuner to tune into your favorite station.


This is BS. By reading all these posting talking about real FM Radio being available on the SG2... I just bought one and I\'m going to return it. They have a widget for radio but does not work. By the way, they have a lot of stuff that doesn\'t work. I\'m still taking my old HTC to the gym to listen to TV or my Radio talk shows. Besides, I also have issues with Wi-Fi connectivity; \"Authentication error occurred\" message. Can\'t connect to my own Wi-Fi service. To many issues. This is my first Samsung phone and it will be the last. Going back to iphone.
notyrmma wrote:
I just got the phone and have looked all over it, but there\'s no FM app. Where do I get it??
harith - I don\'t think you can set the region for the radio. I should just pick up signals from your local radio stations.
the problem limited by the region or the country where the samsung was operation
can any one tell me how can I insert the region in the radio because the existing only USA and EUROPE
Cannot find the FM app. I checked to make sure headset is plugged in properly but still no FM app appearing. Can you help?
My fm radio is not working even after changing the headset. Music is playing ok. Please help.
i had first same problem as amit, but then i recognised I have not pushed headset till the end of the phone. So I would recommend to you push it then try it again. If it is not work send it back, because handy is wrong.

I need help operating the Samsung Galaxy S Radio Widget. It’s (FM radio) not working!

I’m with T-Mobil carrier, I just installed Demboos, Samsung Galaxy S Radio Widget, As well as \" Samsung Galaxy S music, Samsung Galaxy S scrobb, and Voodoo Control Widget. I set up the region for the USA,

Please provide some hints or solution if you can,

Thanks you
Joe Salameh
Bothell, WA USA
Email: joe.salameh@comcast.net

where does the fm app appear.. i looked everywhere after plugging the headphone.. cant fins it.. olease helo..
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