Find out how you can easily get the IMEI number on the Samsung Galaxy S II.

When calling a network service provider for support they may ask the IMEI of your device, or when you want to unlock your device you will need this number. To get the IMEI number try the following:

1. Press on the Home key.

2. Then open the application list.

3. Next tap on Phone.

4. On the dialer, key in *#06#


5. Then from the information popup, write down the IMEI number.


Tap on the OK button when you are done.

If the above solution does not work for you, then you can try to see if the IMEI is available at the back of your phone. You may need to remove the battery to see it.

When all else failed, you could try to use KTool app or Phone Tester app to retrieve the IMEI number. You can download this app free from the Android Market.


Once installed, you can get alot of other information too.

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