Find out how you could make a call conference on the Samsung Galaxy S II.

If you would too busy to have a real meeting as you could not physically be there, you could use an alternative such as setting up a call conference. Here's how:

1. First make a call to the first person.

2. Then while the first caller is connected ask them to hold on, and then on your device tap Add call.


4. Select Add call.


5. Now you can use the Dialer to call other person you want them to join the conference, or you could select a contact from the phone book. To select a contact tap on the Contacts tab and select a contact.


6. Next tap on Call mobile to start making the call.


7. Then tap on Join or Merge calls to have them joined into the conversation.


Now you will see the Conference call screen when conference has started.



To add more people to the conference repeat step 2 to 7.

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