Learn how to get access to Samsung Galaxy S II again after you have forgot the screen lock pattern.

When you have have forgotten the pattern then you are locked out of your phone. To get back in there are a couplel of solution.

Solution 1:

1. After many fail attempts with the unlock pattern, you will see a forgot pattern? button at the bottom of the screen.

2. Next tap on the forgot pattern? button and you will have the opportunity to enter in the google id and password. This is the ID when you register your phone.

3. If you want to verify your loggin in id and password simply go to your PC and go to www.gmail.com.

4. Once log into Gmail you will see your id located on the top right hand corner of the page.


5. Now use this ID and put it into the Samsung Galaxy username text field. Then put in the password and try to gain access to your device.


Solution 2:

If the above solution does not work for you then your next option is to reset the device. However if you want to go with this solution then you will lose personal data on the device once it is reset. Here's how:

Hardware Key Reset

1. Switch off the phone. Pull out the battery if you device is not responding.

2. Now press and hold down the volume up + volume down button. Then press and release the Home/Power button.

3. Next the phone will present a menu for you to choose, select Clear Storage.

4. Confirm if you want to go ahead.


Also you could try to key in *2767*3855# and press dial.


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