Learnhow to setup an email account on the Samsung Galaxy S II.

The email app the comes with the default setting uses Gmail, however you might like to use other services provider such as Yahoo or MSN Live. Here's how to setup your email account:

1. Press the Home android-home-key key to go back Home.

2. Next open on the application list.

3. Tap on Email.


4. Now put in your email account name and password, then tap on the Manual setup button.

5. On the next screen you will have a choice to select Pop3, IMAP or Exchange.


6. In most cases you would want to select POP3 if you want to connect to services like Yahoo or MSN Live.

- For Yahoo configuration

7. Now fill in the detail and follow the onscreen instruction.


You will need to go to your service provider support page to find the pop services configuration details.

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